Set up your wedding gift card

You set up your wedding gift card profile with your names, wedding date, a photo and a personal message.


Send the link to your friends and family

You will then be given a url link you can send to your friends and family so they can login to your wedding card page to donate money towards the card. (Alternatively your friends and family can login using your wedding date and surname.)


Your friends contribute

Your friends can contribute to your gift card via a quick & secure payment method on your gift card page. They can also leave a personalised message for you.


Check your profile

You are able to login to your profile at any time to check how much you have received and also read the personal messages your guests have left.


After your wedding

10 working days after your wedding has ended your gift card page will automatically close and we will send you your gift card with the total amount contributed.


Buy whatever you wish

Once you have the giftcard you can start spending it on whatever you wish in any of our beautiful Laura Ashley Stores or the Laura Ashley website.